- (Double Up Food Bucks)

If you use the EBT/SNAP card (food stamps), you can now use it to buy fruits, vegetables, herbs, seeds, food-producing plants, honey, jams, jellies, baked goods, and more at the Emmett Farmers Market.

Thanks to the Idaho Farmers Market Association and a grant they received from the Department of Health and Welfare they have assisted us with all of the equipment, signage, and funding each year so that we are able to help more families to have access to local, fresh, healthy food when they use their EBT and DUFB (Double Up Food Bucks)  at the Emmett Farmers Market. It also provides more income for the vendors who bring the fresh produce, lamb, chickens, beef, eggs, honey, and much more to the market to sell. It is a win-win for all!

Double Up Food Bucks began at Idaho farmers markets in 2016 as a way to increase access to and affordability of fresh fruits and vegetables for low-income families, support area farmers, and stimulate local economies.




dUFB doubles your buying power, the only place in Emmett that you can use your SNAP benefits and get free produce is at the Emmett Farmers Market! After you request up to $20 in regular SNAP benefits to be deducted from your account, we will give you up to $20 in additional tokens that you can use to buy only fresh fruits & vegetables & food producing plants. Come shop at the emmett farmers market for farm fresh food. you will be glad you did.

When You Get To The Market

Just a few simple things to do before you will be on your way around the market to do your shopping with your tokens.