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Are you selling bakery items? Home-canned jams or jellies?

Agricultural market: A roadside stand or farmers’ market that sells only non-PHF, and may include some home-canned jams or jellies, cakes, fruit pies or cookies – No license is required. Low-risk food establishment with no licensing requirement. May not sell PHF such as meat, poultry, eggs* or home canned low-acid foods (pH above 4.6). If a PHF is being sold, see table for Temporary Foods.

Bakery selling PHF – Yes, a license is required. However, licensing only required if PHF’s are sold or served. Non-PHF liked donuts, pastries and cookies sold retail are low-risk and no license is required (even though eggs or other PHF’s are used prior to the cook step).

Brody Hodges REHS/RS
Southwest District Health

Phone 208.365.6371 ext. 15

Fax 208.365.4729

(*See Note regarding eggs)

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