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Selling eggs?

The following information is from the Idaho Department of Agriculture, Central District Health, and the Idaho Statues.

Chickens are susceptible to salmonella, a family of bacteria that can also infect their eggs. The Department of Agriculture monitors the production and sale of eggs. If you have under 300 hens, there is no Department of Agriculture license, inspection, or fee.

If you have under 300 hens and sell direct to the customer, then you don’t need a Department of Agriculture license, nor an inspection, and you don’t have to grade your eggs. You do need a license from the Health Department, and you do need to write your name, address, and “ungraded eggs” on each carton. You may print this information on address labels and stick them to the cartons. And you may use used cartons. Eggs must be stored at 45 degrees or lower. You may keep the eggs in an ice chest at the farmers market. You must have a thermometer. A thermometer from the kitchen section of the supermarket is fine.

If you have 300 or more hens, grade eggs, sell to distributors or retailers, then you will need a Department of Agriculture license and an inspection. The annual license is $20 for each distribution location. The license fee to grade eggs is $5. The Department of Agriculture license and inspection is to ensure that if lots of chickens are raised in one place, that it is done in a healthy environment. The Department of Agriculture license is addition to the Health Department license. The latter is to ensure that the eggs are handled properly after they are produced.

Idaho Department of Agriculture
Contact: Romero Benavidas
Phone: 332-8500

All ag rules are at

Egg rules are

No license is needed from the Health Department as eggs are regulated by Department of Agriculture. However, an ice chest may be used at events under four hours in duration. If the event goes longer, then refrigeration should be used. Since the Emmett Farmers Market goes from 9am to 12 noon, an ice chest is acceptable. The vendor must have a thermometer. The eggs must be 45 degrees or cooler.

Idaho Egg Law
Title 37 – Food, Drugs, and Oil
Chapter 15 – Eggs and Egg Products

(Thank you to the Kuna Farmers Market website for the above information.)

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